I am a huge fan of breakfast food. I believe I have gushed about breakfast food so many times in this blog, I don’t even have to delve into this deeper. Haha! One day, C picked me up from work and saw how dejected I was feeling because I ordered a bunch of clothes online, paid a hefty amount for it (which is something I rarely do for clothes), and it still has not arrived. It’s been two weeks after the ETA. I did get it a few days after (by calling the shipping company twice a day every single day), but that’s not the story I came here to write about. 😛


With that prologue, you now know that C was trying to cheer me up and to do so brought me to IHOP Alabang. I have always enjoyed their food, as well as their service here. This visit did not disappoint and I came out with renewed vigor.. scratch that, I came out really sleepy because I was so full of waffles, bacon, and hash brown. Yum! C usually just gets the Chicken and Waffles.. because we both prefer their waffles to their pancakes. 🙂


What’s your comfort food? Any recommended breakfast places? 🙂

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