Rodrigo’s Roast Beef

C and I are fast food patrons. We are at the point where the staff at one branch of McDo knows our orders by heart. T_T When I realized this, I started saving links to lists of restaurants in places we frequent and knowing how fond I am of trying out interesting listicles, here we are! We were on our way home when I saw this link on Facebook, so C and I decided to drop by BF Homes. We usually just eat at Al-Shams when we’re there, so it was a nice change to be eating somewhere else.


The place is not huge and was located on the second floor, but it’s across a Jollibee so if you’re looking for a landmark, there is that. 😛 I did not get to taste the roasted chicken but C was neither disappointed nor got mind blown. That’s a good thing because he’s picky with his chicken! The roast beef itself is very tender and packed with flavor, although a tad salty for my taste buds. The mashed potato is great too because NO ONE GETS MASHED POTATOES WRONG. I’m a potato fan!


Any suggestions for what to try next in BF Homes? 🙂


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