Cupcake Girl Goes Blonde!

Ever since I debuted my blonde hair, which is surprisingly very common in this predominantly dark haired society I live in, people seem to be so curious on what I had to do to achieve this. Therefore I decided to walk you guys through the process of how I went from black hair to blonde hair. Before that though, a few friendly tips and suggestions –

Do your research!

Make good use of the ~*internetsz*~ and Google the shit out of bleaching your hair, the consequences, how to DIY blonde hair.. basically, any material that will help you decide on whether to push through with this or not. Sure, it’s just hair and it will grow back, but you need to have an idea of what can and will happen to your hair. There are so many things your hair pegs on Pinterest and Instagram will not tell you like..

R.I.P. hair.

I’m not even kidding. Bleaching your hair strips your hair of the natural stuff that protects it, making it easier for other chemicals to color your hair. My hair used to be naturally bouncy and had a life of it’s own, but when I started having it dyed, I had to put in more effort into styling it and a lot more products went into my hair.. which brings us to my next point –

Second round of bleaching

It will cost you.

There are DIY kits available online and on specialty stores which is cheaper than going to salons. There is also the matter of finding a good salon that will provide you with your desired outcome within your budget. You will also have to pay for the upkeep since you will have to dye your roots and buy products to revive your hair (home treatments, styling products etc). It’s not just money too. You will have to invest time to really take care of your hair, or risk having it literally fall off your head (it happens, I’m serious). I need at least 30 minutes in the morning just to dry my hair because I do not comb it while it’s still wet. My hair is brittle enough to break with minimal effort when it’s fresh out of the shower.


Trial and error is key.

I always knew that not all hair stylists can produce the same output. However, I previously held on to the belief that expensive salons provide better quality over their cheaper counterparts, but I was proven wrong. I had my hair done at an established salon in a hotel in Makati (fancy, right), and walked out with uneven colored hair which frustrated me to no end. I gained better results for a third of the price from a local salon chain in Cavite. It took me a while to find sorcerers stylists who can turn my hair the way I envisioned it to be.

Third round of bleaching
Third round of bleaching

It’s not for the faint hearted.

Despite the fact that colored hair is nothing new in this country, it still manages to turn quite a number of heads. You will get stared at in public transportation, malls, by your neighbors, and even while you’re walking on your way to the office. People will judge you, as it is in their (and mine as well) nature to, and I hope it’s not something that bothers whoever attempts this.


Now that I got that out of the way, it’s time to finally tell you guys how it went down..

Like I mentioned earlier, I only ever ask the same people to work on my hair. Angie of Edwin Samot Hair Design does magic on my hair. I have told her earlier this year that I wanted to go platinum blonde before the year ends, hence, she worked on getting my hair lighter every time I went in for my bi-monthly salon sessions. For this big step, my hair was bleached four times prior to Angie dyeing it a mix of white and silver hair colors. I was so used to hair treatments, that it took four rounds of bleaching before I felt a stinging sensation on scalp, signalling that it can’t take any more bleaching at that time. After they washed off the bleach, I had my hair dyed as well. It took more than 7 hours to finish everything.

Last round of bleaching
Last round of bleaching

To maintain the color and keep it from being too brassy, I use purple shampoo every day, and purple keratin treatments. Purple shampoo is scarce over here, and most people order it online. The cheapskate that I am decided to mix in violet food color with my keratin home treatment, as well as with my moisturizing shampoo. So far, it has kept the brassiness at bay. I also bathe my hair with virgin coconut oil every other weekend to help nourish it back to life. I avoid styling it using heat on a daily basis and prefer to dry it by hanging out in front of a fan.. or I wash my hair before I sleep and put it in braids so I can wake up with messy beach waves. 🙂

With Angie and her colleague who also worked on my hair
With Angie and her colleague who also worked on my hair

I hope I helped some of you who are considering of getting your hair dyed another color. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me if I missed anything!

My hair after four rounds of bleaching and hair coloring
My hair after four rounds of bleaching and hair coloring

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