When I first met C, all he ever ate was chicken. Kjklfdjasfdjsof chicken. I swear, we ate chicken so much it’s not even funny. I was surprised when we went here because I am usually the one dragging him to try out different cuisines.

Hummus (Php 145)
Chicken Tikka (Php 240)
Chicken Tikka (Php 240)

I have always been intrigued by Middle Eastern food, and based from our experience here, it is really good. All the dishes are packed with flavor, and I do not have much experience with this cuisine to dish out an accurate comparison about its authenticity. We’ve been back a couple of times now and have tried different menu items, and we’re usually a “let’s try it one time” kind of food enthusiasts. 🙂

Chicken Biryani (Php 320)
Chicken Biryani (Php 320)
Alo Palak (Php 180)
Alo Palak (Php 180)

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