I have been very fortunate to have friends who like to eat. I swear, I can go out with anyone I consider a close friend (and hopefully, they consider me as theirs as well haha), and they’d be willing to go out and try different restaurants on a whim (as long as it’s not petsa de peligro).

I have avoided Sarsa like a plague when it first opened because it was featured in just about all the food blogs I frequent, and I knew that because of the hype it would be stuffy and crowded. Personally, there is nothing worse to a hungry stomach than having to wait for a table. Now that Sarsa has stood the test of time (I think it’s been open for at least two years now which is a feat in this country where new restaurants pop out so frequently) and has opened branches outside BGC (a place I rarely step foot in) – it’s finally time to catch up on the hype! A friend and I stumbled upon it while walking around Legaspi Village in search of a place to have dinner in other than our usual restaurant (Plantation Bay is da bomb guyzzz) and decided to try it out.

Sizzling Kansi (Php 380)

We ordered the Sizzling Kansi which my friends rave about (#FOMO in the works with this one) made of bone marrow and beef bits in a sizzling plate, with half of the serving drowned in their special gravy. I am not a health nut but it’s a dish I would gladly have high blood for (would rather I don’t though). My friend with Negrenese roots (she’s in Bacolod at least once a year) insisted on having the inasal which also passed her taste-o-meter, so I could gladly confirm that this dish tastes legit.

Inasal Pecho (Php 175)
Inasal Pecho (Php 175)

Overall, I do think that Sarsa deserves the hype. The dishes are a notch more pricey that fast food, but within an affordable price range for authentic (and tasty) Filipino dishes. I will probably try their other dishes next time, but with so many restaurants to try, it may take a while. 😛

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