The Black Pig

I currently have 23 posts in Drafts and 20 of those are random food posts such as this one! For the sake of keeping it moving, here’s a post where: I forgot what we ordered, it was a rainy evening so the photos are not the best in quality and I talk about the food less than my life. Haha!

Since C and I are both from the South (I’m from Cavite and he’s from Laguna), we tend to meet halfway which happens to be Alabang for us (unless he insists on picking me up from home). We both agreed a while ago that Commercenter is the best place to watch a movie in because it’s not super crowded and 90% of our movie dates happen there. We pass by this restaurant often and never really gave it a chance because the decor itself screamed ‘I’m fancy!’. I usually associate places with wine on the menu to be out of my price range, but lo and behold, C and I took a peek at their menu out of curiosity and found out we can actually afford it. Let’s go!

I am luckily not a food blogger because I FORGOT WHAT WE ORDERED. Hahaha! What I do remember is that C polished his plate in a few minutes (he’s very hard to please when it comes to chicken dishes okay), I had flavorful pork belly, and we had salad and potato wedges on the side. I like wine even though I absolutely have no idea about the differences of red/white/brands/years/etc, I usually only order it when I’m with C because he orders for me. Over the years, he has perfected how to order wine for me based on all the ones we’ve tried (I just comment “oooh this one’s nice” or “WTF is this? Bleh!”). But I had the flu when we went so no alcoholic drinks for either of us. :p




(Does anyone ever notice that when I write food posts, it’s usually not about food but about memories or random facts about me? Oh well.) So I guess this is just a quick blog update to say hello and I hope everyone has had a fun work week! 🙂


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