Hanoi 2015 || Fundamental change via ultimate orgasm

It may seem cheesy but I try to write from the heart. And I admit that I literally laughed out loud by myself the moment I wrote that down. I have always had that “let’s get this over with” attitude, and though it’s been beneficial to me (read: on most working days), it doesn’t do anything for my writing. Although the only credible writing experience I have is for the school paper (for three years!), I like to think that my posts have a bit of personality. When I write listlessly, everything translates detachment, and although it may just be me, and it feels impersonal.

My sleeping problems crept up on me and I never realized I had one until I started living out. This is affecting a lot of things – my back pain has worsened and has spread upwards my neck (something I even went to the emergency room for), my ability to focus, my mood (grumpy without coffee), my physical appearance (my eye bags have turned to huge ass luggage set), and even my appetite. I sometimes lie in bed until 2 AM, so frustrated that my mind would not shut off and let me rest. Just as frustrated when I was trying to cross the streets of Hanoi.

You know what (somewhat) relieves my frustration? Quiet museums (yes, I am completely serious). Vietnam Fine Arts Museum (VND 30,000) is just one heck of a road across the Temple of Literature.

Empty hallways.

And the first agenda upon entering the museum? Pee, of course. Oh, and take a selfie in the mirror above the sink.

There was an exhibit for a specific artist, whose name I forgot, and the items wich I have dubbed as “statement tapestries” would have been something I’d buy for my hipster library cafe. I giggled at this one, hence, naming this post after it.

Flow to live by.

One floor was dedicated to paintings. So many paintings! I’m not even going to pretend that I understood everything. I did take the time to look into each one and took photos of the ones that made an impact on me.

And yes, I am vain enough to take more photos of myself in an almost empty museum.

The first floor is full of what I believe is “cultural” art. I don’t even know if that’s a thing cos obviously, I am no art connoisseur. But the exhibit items are somewhat a reflection of a culture and its’ history. I don’t think my views on things is making any sense at all. Haha!

That way.

Disclaimer: I respect museums to not touch their stuff. I promise.

Another encounter with the Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara.

There was an exhibit about a province in the north of Vietnam, which is colder than the rest of the country.

I have always been fascinated by miniatures.

Look at this pair of slippers!

Traditional houses.

The ceramics exhibit is one large dark room in the basement. The low ceilings actually made me feel a bit trapped.


I have said it before, and I will always say it. Century-old handmade detailed ceramic items are fascinating. Can you imagine having to do those by hand?

This post was supposed to be longer but I think this post is long enough. I’ll try to write more in the following days if I can manage to catch up on some zzzzzs, but I have learned not to make promises that I am not sure I can keep. 🙂

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