Hanoi 2015 || Chocolate for breakfast

My Drafts folder is full of untitled posts and random photos. I know I promised consistency in posting, but my mom got confined for the xxx-th time last week. Thankfully, she was discharged last weekend. Now I’m squeezing writing this post in between breaks while I work from home [to take care of my mom] in my pajamas. 🙂

I passed by Joma Bakery Cafe (#22 Ly Quoc Su) on my way back to the hostel the previous night. It was in my Hanoi City Guide so instead of availing of the free breakfast from the hostel, I headed here.

The Vietnamese name is also written on the name card.

There was a large dining area in the back, as well as a number of outdoor tables and chairs. However, it was raining when I went there so everyone stayed inside.

There was a little girl playing around and I said: “xin chao” (hello) and she greeted me back. Then she touched my hair and brought her sister(?) who touched my hair as well. I assumed their mother who was chatting with a friend was too busy to take notice.

Chocolate Croissant and Iced Latte for brekky – all for VND 85,000.

I decided to walk to the Temple of Literature once the rain stopped pouring. Look at this thin establishment!

I was thinking that I got a bit lost but I found myself on the right path with all the other tourists walking to the same destination. Entrance fee to Temple of Literature is VND 30,000.

The Main Gate to the temple.

I am not a fan of huge crowds and there were so many people. T_T

I’m not sure why but there were a lot of women in their aoi dai, roaming around the temple or getting their photos taken.

These women even smiled gamely for my camera, and I thanked them when they reached me. Basic Vietnamese phrases are lifesavers!

Anyone knows what this means? I’m really curious.

Constellation of Literature Pavilion and the Second Courtyard.

Well of Heavenly Clarity (the things you pick up by subtly walking behind tour groups)

Apparently, the turtle is one of the four holy creatures because it stands for wisdom and longevity. So they placed the names of those who passed the royal exams here.

Buying stuff in tourist spots would cost you tourist prices. The souvenir stores in the fourth courtyard are not different.

I like miniature figures.

Altars to Confucius and his disciples.

I was trying to take a selfie when an old American couple saw me setting up my camera for the timer and offered to take a photo of me. I trusted them because the husband had this gigantic camera setup (I have a point and shoot). Apparently, they thought I was Korean (# of times someone thought I was Korean = 7). They are celebrating their 35th anniversary and they are traveling Asia for 3 months. They recommended a nice hipster-ish cafe I can try. What’s funny was when I checked the photos (he took three), all of it is blurry. Hahahaha!

After exiting the temple, I met two Chinese female travelers on their way to the Mausoleum (# of times someone thought I was Chinese = 2). We crossed the street together and said our goodbyes. There is a park across the main gate and I went inside.. cos why not.

Up next is Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts, getting chased by a dog, and typical me being genuinely lost. 🙂

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