Hanoi 2015 || Museums for women will Pho-rever make me happy

I have always loved museums. I am unsure how the fascination came alive, but it’s there. When I was researching for this trip, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum stood out. A museum dedicated to women? A must see!

When visiting multi-story museums, I have a habit of starting from the top to bottom. The highest floor is a no picture taking zone so here’s the only photo I had from there. It is full of modern art – which, unfortunately, I can’t appreciate since it’s abstract and I’m more into the “in your face” kind of art. 😛

Possibly my favorite floor is the one for fashion! The display is chronological and tells of how much you can find out about a culture based on their garments.

The amount of detail that went into each handmade piece made me want to own one.

There was a room full of portraits of the Heroic Mothers of Vietnam.

Dang Ai Viet, the artist, traveled to over 63 different provinces and cities throughout the country from February 19, 2010, to June 27, 2012, using this scooter.

I don’t know what these things are, but it was more whimsical in person.

Again, thank you Fanny’s for this!

Throwing a selfie in.. I tell people that life as a solo traveler meant taking your own photos (hence, using my phone’s front camera) but let’s face it, I am just vain like that. Hahaha!

Family life.

Wedding garb.

The “honeymoon” tent. The label does not say so in those terms, but that’s the gist of it. Hehe.


This girl had the perfect bun while transporting corn.

Colorful hats.. I honestly want one.

Selling votive paper objects is one of the things a family can turn into a livelihood.

The Third Princess is favored because she helps the “boat people” who I assume are fishermen.

Meanwhile, The Tenth Prince is worshiped to petition talent, intellectual prowess, and promotions.

Outside the museum is the cafe. It looks so shabby chic that I had half a mind to eat there. But it was full of tourists such as myself and I was hoping to eat somewhere more local.

I happened by PHO24 while walking along Hoan Kiem Lake and tried it out. I know this is more mainstream but I wanted to try it out. So much that I went a bit overboard while ordering and ended up with a huge bowl of Pho, some fresh spring rolls, and iced lemongrass juice. All for VND 82,000 (around Php 164). Pretty cheap in my opinion.

On another note, just want to take this chance to thanks, everyone who still follows – and has recently followed – my blog. I know my posts have been long due but I promise that I’m working on it. Let me know if you’ve missed me by dropping me a message or we can talk in the comments below. 🙂

More museums up next!

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