Heyyy! So yup, Sassy Saturdays is back and sporting a new format (only one outfit per post now – again haha). Thanks to the multitalented Carla Chua. Not content with blogging, painting (she’s had a number of exhibits already!) and calligraphy, she’s now trying out her hand in photography as well.

Vintage floral dress || Timex watch || ALDO open-toed pumps

The willing subject that I am (obviously) was going for the most boho look I can pull off for the office, hence the beach hair and braids. But then again, I’ve never really had a style staple because I literally just dress depending on what mood I am in – so I’m not sure if this is actual boho. Whatevs.

Photos by Carla Chua; Makeup by Toni Bersabe

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