Lola Cafe + Bar

I knew the moment I sipped on my cocktail (it was called Oasis – no photo, though) that this was going to be a good night.

My mom is the youngest of her siblings. While her brothers married young, my mother was almost 30 when she decided to get married. She believed it was prudent to ensure she is financially ready for a family before she started one. Moving back to the topic at hand, this had caused quite a huge age gap for me and my cousins. I only even started joining night outs recently. Aside from the age gap, there is also the distance. C went with me while they all left their significant others at home because I am not that familiar with Quezon City.

Mexican Nachos (Php 260)
Pesto Pasta (Php 220)
Crispy Tofu Squares (Php 180)
Spicy Tinapa (Php 215)
Adobo Balsamic Chicken (Php 330)
Two Sausages (Php 200)
Pork Laing (Php 150)

All the dishes were surprisingly satisfying for the price. I am not even going to attempt a review at this point because we all know I had a buzz going on at the time. But the true stars were the Crispy Tofu Squares and the Spicy Tinapa pasta. We had to order a second serving for both dishes – that was how much we enjoyed it. I don’t think the second bottle of white wine had to do with it. (Not really. Sort of.)


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