Chubby’s Rib Shack

I think the best way to go about Mondays (as well as the rest of the things we like the least but really have to do) is to suck it up and just get it over with. I pick my battles and there is no winning with the natural cycle of starting the work week. I take comfort in knowing that Mondays do not last seven days a week. 🙂

Another thing I take comfort in is food! I was never a big fan of ribs until C came along, and somehow, ribs became a mutual comfort food. I got rejected by a company I really wanted to work in – we had a delightful slab of baby back ribs. We got into a minor car accident using C’s brand new car – we had two big slabs of baby back ribs covered with barbecue sauce. The gun range we went to required us to walk/trek for an hour in a mountain under the scorching sun, only to find out that the rental was so out of our price range (much more expensive the ones in the city) – we had baby back ribs, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. This venture to Chubby’s Rib Shack though was not conducted for similar reasons (surprisingly). Given our dislike for stuffy crowds, the Commercenter Cinemas is where we prefer to watch movies. We missed the screening time we were aiming for, hence, we had time to burn.

I had the Chubby’s special and substituted the rice and coleslaw with french fries and mashed potato. The ribs weren’t one of the fall-off-the-bone kind but it was okay. It didn’t make our list of best ribs ever but it’s not disappointing. The fries and mashed potato tasted the way it should. I only realized I had both potato sides when C pointed it out. Haha! I didn’t finish the Texas Toast because I already feel like I’m bursting at the seams.

Chubby’s Special (Php 299)

C had the BBQ Chicken N’ Ribs (figures) and Mac N’ Cheese. Long story short, we felt the same about the meal. Good thing we weren’t looking for any comfort food at the time.

BBQ Chicken N’ Ribs (Php 329)
Mac N’ Cheese (Php 39)


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