La Vie En Rose Sweets

Dainty (adj.) Delicately small and pretty. Fastidious or difficult to please, typically concerning food.

Now that word is definitely not anyone who knows me will use to portray me. Although I am at 5′3.5″ (I refuse to kid myself by adding that .5 inch), I am in no means small nor fascinatingly pretty. And calling me a picky eater would make anyone a horrible liar.


I have made a lot of friends out of strangers online. Half of them has significantly crossed the threshold of real life, and still, none of them would call me dainty. (Ha!) That was why getting an invite from Cara to a tea party hosted by La Vie En Rose Sweets was such a delightful surprise. I agreed immediately.


I have been friends with Cara (to which Cara tells her mom “they’re real people!” after recounting the story of how we met) for years although we have only met up once. I didn’t know any of the other girls who were going, and I was unsure what to expect until a member of the staff opened the heavy wooden doors to Casa Roces’ Daily Mirror room.

The soft-spoken Cara thanked the concierge and led me into my seat marked by an envelope with my name on it atop a brass plate, no less. I sat beside talented photographer and artist, Isobel, who was next to Inky, the girl with the golden voice. Also in attendance was Dianne, who is a culinary student on weekends and was responsible for the fancy styling, bride-to-be Valerie, lifestyle photographer and Inky’s best friend, and Gen, a fellow vintage stuff lover.

My thought process during introduction was a series of unladylike swear words, primarily because I honestly had no idea how to introduce myself without exposing my severe lack of creativity. Though I am perfectly comfortable navigating social interactions, being surrounded by artistic and interesting people whose interests are similar to mine (and they are successful in pursuing it) is a bit daunting. Fortunately, I’m a skilled social chameleon (I like to think that, yes). I found out my worries were unfounded when the tea (you mix your own tea leaves) started pouring, so did the conversation. Soon enough, everyone became at ease and started chatting like old friends. Time flew while the ladies who do high tea munched on Cara’s macarons, madeleines, an assortment of tea sandwiches and fries, made up new macaron flavors (which I just can’t wait to try!) and started planning the next afternoon tea. If I didn’t feel dainty then, I doubt I ever will.

Thank you, La Vie En Rose Sweets for the lovely afternoon affair. 🙂

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