Som’s Noodle House Authentic Thai Food

When I go out with C, I group it with TAoCBaCG, and name the posts concerning my oldest friend, T+K. What happens when the two merged together?

My friendship with Kim is as cliche as eating Siomai in the streets, and in this case, we were – on one of the outdoor tables at Som’s where you fear for your life due to the onslaught of fast cars passing by.

Siomai (Php 80)

We had spent almost all of our childhood together. Conversations reminiscing our past together would bring on a plethora of anecdotes. Just like the Seafood Phad Thai, there are so many yummy tidbits among the lengthy noodles. Our history is a mixture of roughly crushed peanuts, lemon zest, and seafood – salty with tears, rough with friendly spats and a bit of zest to keep it interesting.

Seafood Phad Thai (Php 250)

Meanwhile, the Tom Yam would be more apt to represent the impression on C and I’s relationship. One look at this dish and you would immediately assume it is crazy spicy (probably due to the color) but it is far off. The first sip on a summer night, instead of ignites your body temperature, maintains it – the lime juice in the soup can’t help but scream refreshing. As for the prawns and our relationship, getting past that annoying cover is hard work but totally worth it.

Tom Yum (Php 250)

Overall, the entire dinner was as filling as their best seller, Bagoong Fried Rice. Separately, they all seem very different, clashing flavors – but combined together brings out a flavorful dish. The green mango strips, the fried egg, the meat, and rice are all bursting with personality – but it works just so wonderfully and ends up a favorite.

Bagoong Fried Rice (Php 120)

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