I am not a wine drinker.

There, I said it. I am in no way a wine-loving girl, nor very knowledgeable about it. If you have ever interacted with me and I had a wine glass in hand, I do hope you’ve noticed that the glass is never refilled. C has taken me out in some fancy schmancy restaurants and hotel gatherings, where I have had to take a sip or two. I easily learned that chucking out the contents of my wine glass onto a poor unsuspecting plant is not the best idea, really – you’d get some more anyway. So the next best thing would be to nurse the same glass, smile and say “oh, I just got this”.

C knows of this and has mastered the art of drinking for the both of us when the occasion calls for it. The ‘occasion’ comes often (unfortunately, or fortunately, really depends on how you look at it) since I was determined to transition into lady-like drinks. One can only hold on to a margarita, tequila sunrise, white Russian, mojito, and the rest of my college favorites, so long after I have graduated from the party scene.

Penne (Php 295)

The quest continued one fine Sunday, where C and I found ourselves driving around in Alabang in search of where to eat. DRAFT have never failed us before, and there was an empty parking space nearby so a decision has been made.

Chicken Tenders (Php 225)

There were two surprises of the evening. The fact that for once, I actually finished an entire glass (though my awful memory will not come up with what it is, I do know it is merlot, not cabernet). And two, they really were not lying when they said that their Mashed Potatoes is “The best you will ever try”. It really is.

Mashed Potatoes (Php 155)

And that, my friends, conclude another one of those rare “grown up” dates.


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