Kanin Club

So, quite recently, C and I realized that we have almost exhausted all the restaurant choices (we like to try everything okay) we can eat in at Tagaytay. Since Alabang is technically in the middle of where we both live, we decided to try every single restaurant in the area. Quite ambitious, you might say. The bottomless pits that is our tummies beg to disagree.

I know that I used to write about our food adventures prior to being busy, but I believe it’s time to get back to that habit. Here’s a post to kickoff our T+C food adventures (also known as C’s search for the best chicken dishes hahaha)!

Being from the South has been advantageous in the aspect when Kanin Club first opened in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. We’ve tried all their crispy pork dishes and their variations of rice. So far, we always came back for the Lemon Chicken (C of course), Crispy Dinuguan and Crispy Binagoongan (for me), and Aligue (crab fat) rice (the Tinapa rice is good too).

As much as the restaurant is the only Filipino restaurant C and I repeatedly come back to, I would have to say that the service is usually not something I’d rate high. I’d understand the waiting time for the food, but there have been numerous times where we waited for the bill for more than 15 minutes (in different branches and even where there were only three tables occupied at the time). Not a huge drawback but can be very annoying.


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