More Fun in Pangasinan || Ilog Malino Beach

We were checked into Ilog Malino Beach Resort for the entire duration of our stay in Bolinao. It is a beach front property, with basic rooms and amenities (no television, but there are air conditioning and a clean bathroom), and pretty cheap too.

Inside our room, I had a family of late risers and no service. I headed to the beach at 5 in the morning. The sand may not be white nor fine, but damn, that view is nice.

I found out I had mobile service whenever I venture out into the sea, so I roused the fambam. My brother decided to sleep in, though.

The water is clear, and you can see tufts of grass underneath.

The small speck you see in the middle of this photo is my sister and I. The water’s shallow enough to not reach my knees, but there’s a sudden drop about 500-750 meters off the shore.

My sister and I spent the entire morning treading on the ledge of the sudden drop. When I say sudden drop, it seriously is. One moment, you see the sea floor, and the next it’s just the deep blue sea. You cannot even estimate how deep it is because the depth of the sea obscures the view of the sea floor.

Cheers to the last of my 2014 travel posts! Next up will be my first out of town trip for 2015. Last year has been fantastic, but I just know this year will be so much better. 🙂

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