More Fun in Pangasinan || Bolinao Falls

Our last stop was the Bolinao Falls. It’s a bit far from the rest of the tourist spots we went to, taking more than an hour of tricycle ride on a winding unpaved road. Unlike Kabigan Falls, the walk to the falls was a simple walk and not a trek.

There is an entrance fee of Php 40/person, regardless of whether you’re swimming or not.

There were a bunch of shallow pools (and a really deep one where you can actually climb a tree before jumping off it and into the pool). However, to cross these pools, you have to pass through slippery rocks. Upper left part of the photo below shows my sister literally dragging her butt across the rocks in order to not slip.

It doesn’t look high but trust me, when you’re jumping off it, it’s definitely high – and this is based on experience.

When planning to jump, just ensure you don’t jump into the rocks. You don’t want to injure yourself. My brother trekked down though and opted not to jump while my sister stayed at the shallow pool.

Not to float my own boat (hahaha), but I can honestly keep myself afloat for a while without having to put my head under the water. Funny thing is, it applies literally and metaphorically. I wanted my dad to take a photo of me in the middle of vast water but unfortunately, he misunderstood. Oh, and floating on 18-ft water is a bit freaky. Who knows what’s under you?!

I persuaded my little brother to swim across 18-ft water and I swam ahead to wait for him, only to swim back in the middle to grab him when he started shouting for me. The 1-3 minutes it took to swim with Tan clinging on my back, was literally the longest we have swum for our lives. Never ever putting my siblings into tricky situations again.

This was taken while I was swimming and prior to my brother almost drowning.

This was once my brother and I finally got to latch on to some rock. Whew!

We trekked back up instead of swimming across again because I was terrified my brother would die because of me! And this concludes our Bolinao day tour.

2 thoughts on “More Fun in Pangasinan || Bolinao Falls

  1. I love this place, and almost totally forgot about it until now. I visited when I was staying near Alaminos. Such a cool place to chill out for the day and have some food and a swim 🙂 Lovely clean waters!


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