More Fun in Pangasinan || Enchanted Cave

There are three different caves in Bolinao. However, since we were a bit short on time (we started the tour around 10 AM and spent a lot of our time swimming in Patar Beach), we just told the driver to bring us to the best one.

The entrance fee is Php 100/person but you have to pay Php 150 before being granted admission. You can reimburse the Php 50 at the entrance if you decide not to swim inside the cave. Here’s the entrance to the cave.

The stairs are narrow and slippery. I had a camera in my hand and was taking a video of our descent while trying so hard not to slip, hit my head and die.

When we went down, there was only one family swimming inside. The 7-feet water was clear.. and enchanting. See what I did there? Haha!We said goodbye to Php 200 and went swimming. There was another, albeit darker, cave where I and my brother went. We have no photos because kuya from the entrance had our camera, and the waterproof one had no flash so all our shots here were dark (again, see travel video). The sides of the cave have rope and rocks where you can stand.

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