More Fun in Pangasinan || Patar White Beach

An hour away from Alaminos (where Hundred Islands are located) is Bolinao. Unlike Alaminos, you don’t need a boat or cross the sea to be able to visit all they have to offer. One of those glorious offerings is Patar White Beach. We rented a tricycle for Php 1,100 to tour us the entire day. If Boracay is too far (geographically or out of your budget), Patar White Beach is a nearer and cheaper alternative. There is also a crowd (but not as crowded), although most of them are families instead of friends who go pub crawling at night. The shoreline isn’t as long, but you don’t need it anyway because why stay at the beach, when the water is crystal clear?

The parts in the travel vlog where you can see my siblings and I swimming in clear water was taken on this beach. This was our first stop and we stayed for a bit. The temptation to swim in this beach the entire day was high.

We all had our swimwear on, and just took off our cover up when we needed to swim.

I am honestly not as thin as photos go.. as you can see in this never before seen photo. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a while to be as fit as I used to be (I was more active during college), and I have learned how to have my picture taken. Hahaha!

See the illusion? Haha! But it’s okay. I have quite the self-confidence. (at least most of the time)

My brother is muy guapo.

I sometimes feel bad that I have never really found myself enamored with beaches until last year. And to think that I have gone to Pagudpud, Palawan, etc before last year. I guess it has something to do with growing self-assured that I no longer fear to wear a swimsuit in public. How ironic that I was more insecure when I was thinner and had fewer pimples.

Before we left Patar Beach, I bought dirty ice cream for the family. Yum!

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