It’s More Fun in Pangasinan

Hi guys! Second to the last day of the year! 🙂

Our family’s annual out of town trip found the four of us (mom stayed at home) in dad’s territory. Dad spent half of his life in Pangasinan and we went to explore the place. I made a short video (Disclaimer: music not mine) by throwing in all available footage we captured using our Nikon camera, the action camera I got from the office and our mobile phones. I swear, I wish I had a video of all the things I do not have a video of – the coral reef and the giant clams in Hundred Islands (our boat man decided to venture away from the rope and I wasn’t confident enough to have a camera in one hand while essentially free floating in the middle of the ocean, really), swimming in 18-ft deep water and jumping from Bolinao Falls and the clear water of Enchanted Cave. Oh well.

Enjoy! 🙂

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