Baguio 2014 || Baguio City Market + Oh My Gulay + Camp John Hay + Choco-late de Batirol + Christmas Village

For our last day, we spent the entire morning at Baguio City Market buying pasalubong and cheap vegetables. When we saw a lottery stall, C and I bought scratch cards. Who knows, we’ve been lucky so far? 🙂

I had to bring C to Oh My Gulay – where we had to climb four flights of stairs carrying kilos of vegetables and four brooms. Haha!

Kabute Pasta for C

Lumpia Salad

Oh My Gulay Rice

Once we checked out of the hotel and gathered all our belongings inside the car, C and I went to our last stop in Baguio. Camp John Hay.

C were just driving around when we saw the sign that said “Mini Golf”. I have never played any kind of golf before while C has had experience. But after 18 holes, though, I won! I play to win, you know. 😀

We then roamed around Camp John Hay and found ourselves at the Bell House.

The Cemetery of Negativism would’ve been great if only there were no statues missing and all the tombstones are readable.

I told C that I wanted to try Choco-late de Batirol, however, we couldn’t find it. I was busy trying to fend off sleep (semi-napping in the passenger seat) when I noticed C park on the quaint driveway of the cafe. We each had Choco Mallows which tasted infinitely better than the version Swiss Miss have and very reminiscent of choc-nut. We also had their steaming hot bibingka to eat with the chocolate drink. Yum!

We passed by Christmas Village in Baguio Country Club earlier that day and decided that it was to be our last stop at Baguio. It was a good idea (if I must say so), given that it was prettier at night with all the lights on and the fake snow (soap foam). It would have been very picturesque if not for the swarm of people inside. Well, at least we got a few decent shots here and there.

C and I both changed in the car (hihihi) before going back home, and in turn, reality (work!). The funny thing though, is that traveling in a confined space for more than 600 kilometers, instead of driving the both of us crazy (in a bad way), we felt closer than ever. There is nothing like off-key singing, foggy mornings and comfortable silence to strengthen a bond. ❤

I am so glad to have spend seven Christmas holidays with this guy. I cannot wait for more. 🙂

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