Baguio 2014 || The Mansion + Wright Park + 50s Diner + Session Road + Burnham Park

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas day! 🙂 Rousing C from a 3-hour nap isn’t as easy as one would imagine, but I accomplished it and also managed to convince him to walk to The Mansion. Thankfully, the weather conditions made C amenable to the idea of walking. And so we walked. I honestly want to live somewhere cold enough to wear layers of clothes on, but that would mean practically moving out of the country.. or moving to Baguio/Sagada area.

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the president – hence, tourists are not allowed inside.

Right across The Mansion is Wright Park (again). Every time I think about this place in my head, I revert to my childhood memories and sometimes get underwhelmed at how it looks like in the present.

C has never had strawberry taho (silken tofu treat with caramel syrup) in Baguio, so we bought some when we saw a peddler.

And some corn after eating taho. Hahaha! Aren’t we great food buddies?

You can dress up in Igorot costumes for Php 20/person and take unlimited photos. Yup, the best couple shot ever coming ahead. Hahaha!

Tourist spots will be amiss without souvenir shops. C and I didn’t buy anything here though because the prices were jacked up.

C was so exhausted with all the stairs we had to take so I brought him to Glenn 50’s Diner. C had Grandma’s Fried Chicken which had three ginormous fried chicken pieces.

And I had She – which included a piece of beef, pork chop, fish, fried chicken and a jumbo hot dog. #foodcoma

We decided to walk to Session Road from the diner because we were both so full and a kilometer walk did not sound that bad at all. However, we made a pit stop at SM Baguio (which was spilling over with people) before resuming the trek to the infamous road.

It started drizzling when we got to Session Road and we couldn’t find any food establishment we can sit in, so we went on walking the length of Session Road (after trying for more than an hour to hail a cab). We went to Burnham Park and the night market/ukay, _ignoring the drizzle, and decided to make the most out of it. Hailing a cab in that particular part of Baguio at night proved to be such a pain in the ass (and literally in my calves, legs, feet, back, head.. you get the picture).

When we got back to our room, we spent the rest of our time awake, munching on junk food while watching the television. I didn’t even notice when we both passed out from exhaustion. Haha! All in all, a day well spent with this awesome guy. ❤

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