Candyland Themed Goodies

I believe the best thing anyone can strive for is to produce something they are proud of and that is what I live by when I bake. I stand by never delivering anything substandard (of what I know). It is one of the few things I am passionate about. So when Pepper, my goddaughter, celebrated her first birthday, I was glad to be part of it. What I was not glad about was having to make a fondant cake. I do not like to cover cakes in fondant nor eat a slice of one, but I agreed because she’s my goddaughter and I have always wanted to be a good ninang. And then it had to be a 2-tier cake (10-inch and 8-inch) which I have never even attempted before. To say I was out of my league is an understatement. I swear. Having to manually roll out the fondant to cover such a huge cake almost reduced me to tears. But if my mantra for work is “I hate this. I fucking fuckety fuck hate this”, the phrase “I can do this! You can do this Teesh!” kept running on my head until I finally did!

Printed out stickers for the souvenir cupcake boxes!

Cupcake liners

Cupcake toppers – also made ones with lollipops and candies
The cake!!!

My tasks for this cake were: bake a rainbow cake, cover the rainbow cake, make all the fondant toppers on the rainbow cake, pack the cookies and bake the cupcakes. I was lucky enough to have a sister who enjoys baking, so she made all the assorted fondant cupcake toppers (colorful cupcakes, cookies, lollipops and candies), frosted the cupcakes and helped make fondant cut outs. Mom and my brother helped with the individual packaging of the cupcakes. And C honestly did so much with moral support (calming me down when I got frustrated, massaging my back, etc), and helping my sister put the cupcakes together. I had a great team with me. 🙂

Will I ever do this again though? Once you’ve produced a 10-inch and 8-inch cakes covered in fondant, 80 cupcakes with assorted fondant toppers in individual packaging, and 50 individually packed cookies – all in less than 24 hours, you end up feeling that you can do anything (but maybe not a 3-tier cake or higher in the near future haha).

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