Cebu 2014 || CnT Lechon + Philippine Taoist Temple

What to do on Sunday mornings? Go for a morning swim! I wish I can do it today (while I’m writing this post which is a Sunday) as well. My memories in The Henry Hotel (and throughout this trip) are one of the things that motivate me to work just so I can do it again (somewhere else of course). After swimming, I had another set of crazy big breakfast.

I put on makeup after eating breakfast and brushing my teeth, and here’s how I check if it’s even… and yeah, a couple more bed shots (which is pretty conservative, mind you).

After putting on my makeup, I went to CnT Lechon to finally get a taste of Lechon. It’s a bit salty for my taste though, you really have to eat it with rice. I bought 1.5 kilos to bring home. 🙂

After buying Lechon, I went to the Taoist Temple. Unfortunately, I felt ripped off by the taxi driver who billed me Php 400 for the entire trip and waited for me to finish and brought me to IT Park. Oh well, I just have to charge it to experience and learn how to exert more assertiveness when haggling. The Taoist Temple had A LOT of stairs. Good thing I was in a comfortable pair of sandals.

People are not allowed to take photos of the altar. Everywhere I go, I ask if I can take photos (when there are no signs) because you never know if it’s disrespectful especially in religious places.

Temples usually have amazing details, especially the ones where the altars are placed. Even though I did not take photos, I spent some time just looking at each of the decorations.

Well-manicured gardens are such a nice view! A miniature pagoda (it is one, right?) is placed in the garden.

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