Cebu 2014 || Zubuchon + La Marea

I realized the other night that since I queued this posts, and edited them after it got published. All the texts are halfheartedly written. It’s kind of sad that my blog has been reduced to that quality so here I am trying to muster some energy into writing something when my head is already at capacity with all the things I have had to and should be doing. Writing about this is making me miss my Cebu trip more. It is a time and place in my life I have been looking back to whenever times get hard. In Cebu, I had the liberty to be free from stress and not stick to whatever plans I had made. Such as promising myself to head to the Taoist Temple after the Old Cebu City tour. Instead, I went to the IT Park in Lahug to try the famous Zubuchon. Cebu is well-known for their lechon. So what is lechon anyway (for the few people who follow my blog who are not familiar with this)? It’s an entire pig, filled with herbs which is tied to a pole while being slow roasted. The outcome is crunchy skin roasted to perfection (if done correctly) and succulent meat inside. Anthony Bourdain agrees. Wherever I go, I search for a list of places to eat. While other people like to immerse themselves in a culture via sightseeing and shopping. I like to do it by eating (I know, no surprise there haha). So imagine my disappointment when I found out Zubuchon did not have their famous lechon at the time. I think my face said it all because the waiter promptly presented other items to try and appease me. So I settled with Pritchon (fried lechon). I tell you, settling does not suit me. Hmp!

I headed to La Marea next for some comfort food to wash off the disappointment from the lack of proper lechon. I guess it’s pretty obvious I am a huge fan of pastry shops by now. Haha! My priorities when traveling: go to places I’ve never been to before and get out of my comfort zone, eat EVERYTHING, and find a reason to go back (which is mostly because of the food). If you go through my “travel” posts, I tend to eat a lot more whenever I’m traveling. I had their best seller which was warm brownie in a cup and a cup of coffee. I savored every minute of eating this and sipping my coffee while reading something on my phone that I did not realize it was already dark outside so I headed back to the hotel (to take selfies). 😛

Since I still had some energy left, I went out to go swimming in the hotel pool. It’s a small pool but it’s usually empty whenever I go swimming. I want my own pool at home! I could get used to night swimming. 🙂

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