[The Comeback of] Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

So another cupcake that made a comeback for C’s birthday are the ones I made also for his birthday back in 2012. I realized I never posted a behind-the-scenes kind of thing for that one, so here goes. I originally got the idea of putting in the cookies inside the cupcake that way from one of my baking idols, Bakerella.

I used my recipe for chocolate cupcakes though and simply added Cream-Os to the equation.

I had some extra batter because the existence of cookies meant you can put a little less batter in each so there.

I had my brother Tristan crush some of the cookies with a mortar and pestle. 😛

Mixed in the crushed cookies with the frosting..

I actually practice piping on the scraper before trying it out on the actual cake or cupcake.

But it got a little messy and involved a spoon, so meh.

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