Sniculoos Cupcakes

And I’m back with another baking related post which I know you guys all love (because if you don’t, I would have to wonder why you still follow my blog as baking has taken over MOST of my life haha). I never really sell Sniculoos cupcakes as I’m not a huge fan of the spread myself. However, I remember making a Snicker-y (not an adjective but stay with me on this) treat for C a few years back which he loved. Dad loves this spread though and we have it in a variation of flavors at home. I thought that the flavor might complement Snickers instead of Caramel so I went on with that hunch. Hihi

There were a lot of taste test that went on with the batter because I was stubborn and did not go on Google to search for Speculoos cupcake recipes. I did go to Google for this e-card though..

I really want to buy a new cupcake pan. I only have four at home and it’s such a hassle when I’m baking by bulk (TMI, anyone?).

There were some texture issues though as you can see. I have fixed the recipe already as of writing, but for C’s birthday, it had to do because I was making this a few hours before we were supposed to meet up. Sigh.

Snickers party!

Good thing the said issue was concentrated in the middle of the cupcakes as I placed a hole in the middle to put the Snickers in. The ones I’m selling though, I bake the Snickers directly inside. 🙂

And have I mentioned how my mixer broke down? Hand mixing frosting is one of the best arm workouts, I tell you.

My favorite part about making cupcakes/cakes or anything that needs something piped is.. yes, piping the frosting. Not eating, not mixing, not making fondant. Just piping frosting. 🙂

Since I cannot give any of you a cupcake, indulge yourself with the photos of the finished product below. Mehehehe

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