Flash forward, and we’re taking on the world together.

I still remember the day you told me you loved me.

It was summer of 2009 and we have been dating for more than half a year then. We weren’t officially a couple but you have been to our house a couple of times while you have introduced me to both of your sisters.

We decided to skip both of our afternoon classes and found ourselves aboard the bus to Alabang. I plopped down on one of the chairs at our usual spot right outside our usual coffee shop, thinking that the chair will surely leave a temporary mark on my bare thighs (I was wearing shorts, okay).

I could see from my peripherals that you were staring. I didn’t find it unusual, I have noticed you do this from time to time. The first time was while we were having a late night dinner of burgers and fries. You leaned towards me and I get the feeling that you’re trying to tell me something, but when I turned to look at you, you immediately resumed eating your burger.

There I was, sipping my ice blended drink, lost in my own thoughts when the sound of your whisper brought me back.

Ha? Ano sinabi mo?”


“Hindi ko ulit narinig, lakasan mo naman kasi.”

“Sabi ko ’I love you’. May hearing deficiency ka talaga!”

It took nine days before I said it back. #truestory


One thing you should know about me – I am a control freak. I like being in charge because I insist on getting my way. Our dates and the few times we traveled, C simply handed in the reins to me, told me the few things he wanted to get out of it and went along with everything I planned.

Imagine my surprise when C offered to plan our anniversary date, to which I immediately agreed. I just knew that whatever it was going to be, it’s definitely going to make me happy. I wanted to look pretty so I had my hair blown out at Blow Out Bar Manila. I had the Malibu Rum (beach waves) done, and Imelda really made it curly because the texture of my hair is not of one that can hold curls. She also volunteered to take photos of me in their pang-OOTD wall. I took half the day off from work so I could afford to also get my nails done at Vie Royale Salon and Spa.


C arranged for us to have dinner on a yacht (a moving one at that) at Manila Bay! We were only there for an hour though but it was my first time on a yacht (side note: I have told C before this that I have never been aboard a yacht when he was telling yacht stories) – and it was covered with Christmas lights and there was a guy playing the guitar. Hihi. I kept trying to take photos but I had one hand on my dress as it was windy, and I somewhat feel seasick having to actually stand on a boat. Back to my bag, camera phone. We both thought that the food was meh which is why C promised that every year he gets to plan our anniversary date (and it will always be better than the last one). ❤


Instead of saying how much I love you and what I’ll do for you, all I want to reiterate is how grateful I am that you came into my life. I could talk your ear off about how I want the house we build together would look like and instead of being driven away, you required that we should have a bat cave. You say my face lights up about so many things and that my enthusiasm, instead of being annoying, is one of the best things about me. You found out my quirks and flaws, and all the not-so-good-versions of myself, and accepted it. You learn all my deepest darkest secrets and the mistakes I wish I never did, and yet you still respect and trust me.

Everything we go through, good and bad, you choose to love me still.


I asked you how you knew that you loved me.

“Love is supposed to make us into a better person, a good one. That’s exactly what you do.”


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