Rosette Cookie Sandwich

Sunday morning, I go baking (I bet you sang that in your head too hihi). I like reading baking blogs, I’d even go as far as saying they are my favorite type of blogs. For this, I used I Am Baker’s Red Velvet Rose Sandwich Cookies. For unsalted butter, I use this which costs more than Php 100/bar – also why I hate when someone wants me to sell my cupcakes for dirt cheap.

I should probably start putting all these photos in a collage: cream butter and sugar together, mix in eggs, whisk the dry ingredients.

I ran out of red food color which is why I used pink. In hindsight, working with cocoa and pink food color was not really such a good idea. I had to pour in more pink food color because working with cocoa powder is very tricky when it comes to color – at least to me.

I used a Wilton 1M tip to pipe the rosettes. And because I had little doubt that it will not turn pink, I added hot pink nonpareils on top before I baked ‘em.

After baking, I let it cool – in where else but the cooling rack! Even though it’s far from pink, it still is so pretty. ❤

I used the Wilton 106 piping tip for the buttercream frosting for no special reason. You could actually just smear the frosting but I wanted to make it look pretty if it can’t be pink.

Ta-da! If you decide to make some for yourself, please tell me about it. I’m excited to find out if someone became very imaginative and did something else out of this baking project. 🙂

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