Spring Party Cake and Cupcakes

One Sunday afternoon, my sister and I were bored so I modified a chocolate cupcake recipe and used dark chocolate instead. I used other ingredients as well to come up with this batter. I already had the idea of making a mini cake, hence, I poured ¾ of the batter into the jelly roll pan. Once baked, I used a small cake pan to cut out three small cake layers.

It was more bitter than sweet (and not as moist as my usual chocolate cake), and my brother who was watching in the sidelines started putting Nutella on the leftover cake. Based on how much leftover he consumed with Nutella, I decided to use it as a cake layer.

But I still needed another flavor to stand out.. hello again, blueberry jam.

Mini naked cake.

I made my buttercream a bit sweeter to balance out the bitterness of the cake. Spread a thin layer of buttercream over the cake to trap those annoying cake crumbs.

Piped rosettes on top of the cake using the white icing. Now the top of the cake is covered with mini rosettes.

I have been seeing ombre frosting everywhere, so why not join the bandwagon!

Mini ombre rosette dark chocolate cake with Nutella and blueberry frosting

¼ of the batter went to making really tiny cupcakes. I have been itching to use the tip that can pipe frosting like a grass! I forgot which tip I used to pipe the small flowers on the grass though. I used gold nonpareils to make it look like a flower. 🙂

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