Boracay 2014 || Last Days in Boracay

Since C and I literally passed out when we got to the room (there were a lot of memories I have in Boracay that was so surreal – but yeah, those stories are definitely staying in Boracay), we had trouble getting up the next morning. Magandang Umaga Boracay!

Yay, I already have a tan line! When I got back to Manila, everyone kept asking why I don’t seem to be tan at all – here’s a proof!

C does not like going out into the sun. He hates having to sweat like crazy (when he’s not working out) and he is taking care of his complexion. Hahaha!

We had a late breakfast at D’mall. Gin and Edward were up early since they stayed in the room the entire night, while Momon and Maddi met up with Maddi’s friends. We spotted this ‘Spanish’ restaurant called Ole Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant and decided to eat there. They had really huge servings! I ate a quarter of the rice and finished four pieces of garlic chicken. And yes, C had chicken as well. C is very particular about how he liked his coffee but he enjoyed the cup of coffee he ordered.

Funny story while we were walking on the beach. A guy approached us and for some reason, took us for foreigners. He started saying “ATV, Php 3,000 only! Very cheap, this is a special offer!” to which C replied “ang mahal naman!”. When he found out we weren’t foreigners, he priced it at Php 550 and when we declined, he lowered it to Php 300. We grabbed it! Haha! Driving an ATV seriously made us regret that we weren’t able to try it in Lignon Hill! If driving to Mt. Luho was fun, I bet driving to Mayon Volcano would have been so much better.

Mt. Luho Viewpoint is the highest peak in Boracay. I hope they get to preserve the beauty of Boracay. The commercialization of the island had made it more crowded and busy.

C and I talked to some of the locals and while they were happy that business opportunities increased for them, it has gotten harder to maintain the natural beauty of the island. See that white patch of land? Someone is developing this land to make condominiums, hotels, malls and whatnot.

A Korean couple was taking prenuptial photos in here and it was so hard to get a spot for a photo. While their poses were sweet and too adorable for words, C and I were posing like this for photos. This was the sweetest shot the photographer got. Haha!

C and I got back in time to join everyone else for lunch at I Love Backyard BBQ in D’mall.

We also did our shopping after lunch!

I never thought I would ever enjoy being a beach bum. But I did! We took a spot on the beach, talked and swam the rest of the afternoon. It was one of the highlights of this whole trip. And yes, another evidence of how much C takes care of his complexion. 😀

You can pay kids to do sand structures for you! C really wanted to have the chance to destroy a sand castle. I asked the kids if we could destroy it and they said yes! Nice kids! 🙂

I was craving for Korean food so we looked for one for dinner, and found Hae Maru Korean Restaurant. Unfortunately, it took three tries to make an order because the food I wanted were not available. I wasn’t satisfied though, so if you ask me if I would recommend this restaurant, I’d say no.

Before we left for home, I picked up three boxes of the famous Calamansi muffins! I swear, this place was so hard to find! We were pointed to different directions before we got here. But the calamansi muffins were a big hit when I brought it back to the office and with the family. 🙂

Last groufie for the Boracay buddies! 🙂

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