Boracay 2014 || What Happens in Boracay, Stays in Boracay

After our first night in Boracay, we agreed to meet up by 7 AM to grab some breakfast before heading out to sea. Due to the night before though, everybody had trouble waking up. Having a boyfriend who is always punctual, and a persistent alarm clock, we were up before everybody else. Good morning, Boracay!

C and I left a message that we’d be taking a stroll outside while they prepare for the day – and we did. The pristine white sand of Station 1 was amazing. I swear, walking on this beach felt like walking on all-purpose flour. Not almond flour, but all purpose flour!

The famous rock formation.

Finally, everyone’s ready! We passed on breakfast and immediately set out for some island hopping snorkeling and a trip to Puka Beach. I, unfortunately, did not get the memo to wear a maxi skirt. Haha!

To be honest, there were times while we were in the boat where I just wanted to tell C I love him so much – in case the boat overturned and we die. Haha! The waves were so crazy in some parts, if it was a ride in an amusement park, it would be a hit!

First glance of Puka Beach.

Together with C, Gin and Edward, we explored the beach. Momon got seasick on the way here. So kids, alcohol from the night before + no breakfast + crazy boat ride = not a good combination. 😀

The sand is not as refined in this area but it was much more serene compared to the busy white beach. The shade was also limited and I feel like I’m already super toast!

Cheers to 7 years of friendship!

C made this face because I had him go out of the shade so we could take photos.

Snorkeling was also super fun! There’s an environmental fee of Php 20 though every time you do. I know, because we had so much fun, we did it twice (and only Edward donned a life vest – again, do not do this when you’re not confident in your swimming skills).

When we got back, Momon was feeling a lot better. But he and Maddi barely grabbed a bite to eat at Puka Beach so they had to have another set of lunch. Therefore, only the four of us went to Station 1 for another stroll. We had merienda at Jonah’s. When we were planning our itinerary, Gin and I agreed that this should not be missed. The famous fruit shake in Boracay!

Things one must absolutely do in Boracay: paraw sailing during sunset. C and I made plans to go back to Boracay on a couple trip (but in three years because new places > revisiting places) and rent a private sailboat for sunset. New memories for places we’ve visited after we’ve gone to places we want to go. ❤

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