Boracay 2014 || Yay, Boracay!

This trip was such a spontaneous one. My best-est buddy, Gin, celebrates her birthday every May. We’ve both never been to Boracay, so we were planning to celebrate her birthday LaBoracay style (labor day weekend slash the busiest weekend in Boracay). However, she chanced upon Php 1550 round trip tickets to Kalibo for March. She immediately called me up to ask me and I said yes in a heartbeat! There were 6 of us/3 couples. To be honest, I have never gone on a triple couple trip, and neither have C – so exciting!

Our flight was on a Friday but I cannot afford to miss a day of work (because, hello money).. hence, I went straight to the airport from work and we flew for an hour to Kalibo! Given that it was a night time flight, we didn’t expect that there will be available boats to ferry us to Boracay. Apparently, there are available boats but I would never get on a boat at night. It’s scary and I don’t plan on dying in the middle of a deep dark sea. We decided to stay in La Esperanza Hotel in Kalibo where three huge beds in one room cost Php 3000. We checked out early though and without even grabbing a bite to eat. Fortunately, we found a McDonald’s drive-thru along the way!

We paid Php 250 each for a private van ride to the pier. Once we got to the pier, I think we paid Php 200 for the boat ride, the environmental fee and all the other fees you had to pay for that 5-minute ride. :p

First time to see Boracay in real life, albeit from afar! My family never considered going on vacation in Boracay because there’s not much to do aside from mostly being a beach bum.

After getting off the boat, we checked in at Casa Fiesta (Php 2500/night). It was in “Station 1” but C (..who was going for us to stay where they usually do. In Discovery Shores – yeah, as if I was going to shell out that much money) kept insisting that it was not from the view of our room.

To be honest, I really don’t care that much even if my waistline is so far away from my ideal waistline. I just wear what I want when I want to. 🙂

With our stomachs grumbling, we set out to find somewhere to eat. There was a guy standing outside Casa Fiesta who offered us free buffet lunch at Astoria Boracay. We assumed that the promotion they were talking about was regarding their lunch buffet. Since it was free, we decided to check it out! I swear, if you are ever in Boracay, never fall for this!!!

Aside from the food needing a lot of work, they would literally trap you for three hours (sometimes even more) to persuade you to shell out Php 180,000 to become a member at their crappy hotel that wasn’t even in the nicest part of the beach. Ugh!!! My face shows it all. Haha! Thankfully, I was with C. He never fails to keep me calm and (partially) sane.

I have been best friends with this girl for the past seven years, but we have never gone on an out of town trip together until now. So glad to be spending my first Boracay vacation with you BBB! 🙂

C saw this Crazy Crepes stall while the rest of the group were getting henna tattooed. Henna tattoos are such a hassle to maintain and I have stained tons of clothes with it, so I passed on the opportunity. C wore my sunglasses for the rest of the trip. He forgot to bring his own so he used mine the whole trip – and I only brought one. Hmp!

If traveling with my family meant sightseeing and walking all day, traveling with C was more relaxed. He likes getting pampered and de-stressing during vacations. So we promised to meet up with our travel buddies in time for dinner and did just that! I did miss my first Boracay sunset (which I heard from Gin was majestic) but the bright side is, 4 hours of spa goodness. After the exhausting quarter of a year that has been.. finally some me time (well, we-time hihihi).

C and I got out of the spa with enough time for me to change into something else before going to dinner. We ate at Gasthof near D’mall.

This couple is so cute! All throughout the trip, they had coordinating outfits.

C and I shared this half a slab of baby back ribs. It doesn’t look much in the photo but it was good enough for the two of us! Momon and Maddi (aka color coordinating couple) got the whole slab and it took them a while to finish everything. C and I also ordered Baked Oysters. We never really ate oysters until this one time where we got to taste Baked Oysters in a French-fusion restaurant. Also, I think this may or may not be the culprit of my tummy sickness (it could also be the alcohol but I’m leaning towards this one).

No more photos for what went after our dinner. You know what they say, what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay. *wink wink*

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