Hong Kong 2013 || Goodbye Hong Kong!

We spent our last day in Hong Kong to go shopping! To be completely honest, I find shopping in a foreign country very tedious. I compute everything quickly in my head, and doing so in the street market in Hong Kong provides more problems because some of the sellers actually held on to my jacket when I did not even touch anything or inquired for the price. We have been passing by the stall of Maxim’s Cakes in the subway so I decided to buy a small piece of every flavor I’d like to try. Hello, gluttony!

Since we went shopping, we didn’t have a lot of photos that day.

We also bought soft ice cream (HK$ 8) from the ice cream truck even if it was 10 degrees outside!

I have already made plans with C to go on a Macau-Hong Kong trip sometime in the future! I really can’t wait! 🙂

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