Macau 2013 || One Day in Macau

Like Hong Kong, we have never been to Macau as well! Before the trip, we had an ongoing debate on where best to spend Christmas Day: Disneyland, just go shopping or visit Macau. I guess you could now tell what option we went with. For some reason, my brother and I blended in with the locals. We have been approached by locals, or asked by other tourists for directions countless times!

After getting off the boat, passing through immigration and whatnot, we took a random hotel bus that would take us back to their hotel. We weren’t staying for the night, we simply availed of the free transportation. There were a lot of those buses, you could just take your pick. We also took advantage of the Christmas-decor inside the hotel we were dropped off in.

Dad wanted to check out St. Paul’s Cathedral, and frankly, it was the only place in our itinerary. Haha! Our Hong Kong itinerary was so detailed while our Macau itinerary lacked tourist destinations to see. Macau was a former colony of Portugal so it had a lot of Portuguese influence. Sigh, I just love the Yuletide season. It’s the season where most places are well lighted and decorated.

These famous egg tarts are so good! I think we consumed three boxes while we were there – not in one sitting. We bought a box thrice and at least one of those boxes was supposed to reach Hong Kong.. This good!

Side streets like this make me wonder how it would feel like to live here. My heels would make some noise while I walk up the brick street, carrying my groceries and fumbling for door keys. My imagination is crazy, I know.

A lot of people were hearing the mass since it’s Christmas day.

I wonder how we look like locals. We look fairly touristy to me. When I was in Denmark and I tell people that I’m pure Filipino, some of them wouldn’t believe me. Apparently, I look half Asian and half something else (no idea, really). But in Hong Kong and Macau, I look too Asian. Which is it then?!

I don’t know why this ice cream is famous but it is, I guess? If it isn’t then I would wonder why this guy had such an air of arrogance surrounding him. Haha!

A lot of pastry shops and gadget shops lining the street towards the cathedral. We found a souvenir shop in a side street and bought pasalubong! We got discounts because the store owner is Filipina. 😉

I really wanted to try their street food – so we did! Whenever I travel, it’s one of the things I insist on doing. Unless it’s insects (like crickets in some Asian country), rats.. there’s a line to my adventurous side okay. But you could also test the stores’ offerings. I got real full after entering a number of food shops and taste testing whatever they had to offer.

Up next, the cathedral ruins! We finally found it! The ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The cathedral was ruined by a fire in the 1800s and the facade was restored.

It was getting late when we left. I love ‘em pretty lights. Our trip back to Hong Kong was scheduled for 10 PM, so we decided to roam around. I took a lot of photos.. of myself which I send to C whenever I get a wifi connection.

We found this food stall in another side street and ate again! It is also very cheap, so if you’re traveling on a budget, check side streets for local delights.

Christmas lights make a lot of views better! The Postal Office at night looked so festive. We also went inside one of the exhibits that contain some archaeological finds.

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