Hong Kong 2013 || Ocean Park Hong Kong

Before everything else, meet our parents! My sister looks like a mini version of mom, and my brother is the taller version of our dad. I’m the kid where I never got a unanimous decision who I look like the most.

My sister asked me to curl her hair for her so I did. See, we look alike but not really? Haha!

When I was told that we were going to the Ocean Park, I kind of went “ehh?”. I’d be glad to tell you how much all our tickets cost but since dad bought them, I left it up to him. Haha! My expectations for an ocean park is fishes, fishes, and more fishes. But boy, was I wrong. This park is huge!

Prepare yourselves for another photo heavy post. You’ve been warned. As usual, it was the three of us who stuck together while the parents toured at their own pace. Like I said, the park is big! I think it’s bigger than Disneyland. We got to ride some rides twice in Disneyland but we didn’t even finish touring Ocean Park.

Have I mentioned how my sister has a habit of dipping her hands in water wherever she goes?

Immediately took the cable car to get to the farthest area of the park. We planned on working our way back out. It was a long cable car ride. I just couldn’t gauge which took longer though, this or the one that will bring you to Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

Seriously, if this place had Disney characters, it would have been better than Disneyland. Look at this ride! This was the first ride we lined up for. I love crazy rides and Ocean Park has about three exciting ones.

There were huge fake things all over the place too, which is very nice for photos. Chocolates, food, and even animals! Perfect for family outings.

Our next ride! Getting here burned a lot of my calories!! It was a downhill slope and having to get to our next ride took a lot of steps. I’m so glad Tin is finally tall enough to get on amusement park rides with us! It looks like she is happy with it too. Haha!

A repeat of Disneyland set up had me paying for lunch at Cafe Ocean. Again, the meals range around HK$100.

After having lunch, we rode this roller coaster. All three of us were hesitant to do so since we didn’t want to vomit after the ride. No worries though, my ride-induced vomit incidents are still non-existent!

We passed on the Ferris Wheel due to the long line, and amusements parks usually have it.

We did not miss this though; which is similar to the local amusement park, Enchanted Kingdom’s Flying Fiesta.

The shops in this area are oh so cute! More huge replicas of food. Can I bring them home with me? 🙂

I love being a tourist during Christmas season.

The craziest ride in the whole park. The sibs, unfortunately, backed out, so I definitely need to go back here with C!!! I bet this is so awesome!

Polar Adventure. Penguins really remind me of the quirky ones from the film Madagascar. There was an entire penguin exhibit, along with real live penguins!

Some of the male penguins were sitting on eggs and we watched as a baby penguin slowly goes out of its’ egg. Wow! Penguins are so lovable! If I lived in Antarctica, I want a couple of ‘em as pets!

One of the things I have noticed while lining up for rides the whole day is that the locals have a habit of cutting the line. I went all bitchy mode on and whenever someone tried to cut the line and tried talking to me in whatever language, I say “sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying. Please say it in English only” and they ended up queuing behind us. Mwahahaha!

South Pole Spectacular is a polar bear exhibit. There’s also an underwater viewing for dugongs, sea lions, etc.

We took the train to meet up with our parents. Yes, a cable car and a train within the park. So awesome! After meeting up with them, we went to the Giant Panda Adventure.

I bought this snow globe for my collection! Ever since I started to travel using my own money, I buy a snow globe every time I go out of the country. I only have four as of now but I just know I can expand it. 🙂

We stayed to watch the musical fountain show. It was okay, I guess. I really want to go back here as I have missed a lot of attractions! Until the next Hong Kong trip (in four-five years? :D).

Christmas Eve at Nathan Road. 🙂

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