Hong Kong 2013 || Hong Kong Disneyland

One thing you have to know about me is, I will always be a kid at heart. Therefore, the thing I was looking forward the most about going to Hong Kong was not the fact that I get to go there, or going shopping..

Disneyland ticket!

It was at being at (one of) the happiest places on Earth. I will let the photos do the talking in this post because really, it’s Disneyland!!! What else can I say beyond wonderful, magical and I-want-to-visit-all-the-Disneylands-in-the-world? 🙂

Tarzan-themed area! We took the raft to Tarzan’s Tree House.

Grizzly Gulch – we rode the ride here and it was so much fun!

Mystic Point

Toy Story Land


We had lunch at the Banquet Hall. Since mom is unable to ride most of the things and she gets tired easily, we separated at the entrance of Disneyland. Therefore, lunch is on me. Lunch at Disneyland costs an average of HK$100 per person.

It’s A Small World

The famous Disneyland parade!

Space Mountain!

Disneyland ice cream!

Disneyland is so much better at night.

Goodbye, Disneyland!

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