Hong Kong 2013 || Avenue of the Stars + Victoria Peak + Madame Tussaud’s + Harbour City

I have never been to Hong Kong. I knew there’s a Disneyland in HK and most of my friends have been there during the holidays, but it has rarely appealed to me. However, mom wanted to go for Christmas so the siblings and I took out our vacation piggy bank and saved up our own vacation funds. Fortunately for me, this trip was exactly a week after I got back from Denmark. It almost overlapped and I was concerned I would have to fly directly to Hong Kong with all my extra luggage. Dad flew in directly from Singapore and his flight landed two hours after ours did. It gave us plenty of time to roam around the airport. Mom found a place to sit down with our luggage while the three of us roamed around.

After dad arrived, we all bought our Octopus cards – which is my share for this trip, aside from buying both my siblings boots. Hahaha! We took a bus that’s going to pass by Holiday Inn in Nathan Road.

My baby brother has grown so much, he’s now way bigger than I am. Don’t resist me baby brother!

Traveling with our dad is crazy, to be honest! He makes a comprehensive research. He sent me this 12-page travel itinerary complete with travel time, how long it would take to watch the fireworks show in Disneyland, where to eat and what time we have to get somewhere.. you get the picture.

Since mom has a hard time walking, much more when climbing up, dad stayed with her on the lower deck of the bus while we went on the upper deck.

Getting off at Nathan Road and looking for a hotel was so much trickier when you have your luggage with you.

We had lunch after dropping off our things. We ate at Cafe de Coral. I swear, we ate here at least once a day while we were in Hong Kong. For one, it’s literally everywhere. It’s like Jollibee (you really can find a branch of Jollibee all over the country) without a fixed menu. Two, their menu is in English so yay! Hong Kong is somewhat like Denmark where they don’t translate everything to English. Three, it’s pretty cheap. In my mind, I keep thinking this is Chinese Jollibee – even though I am aware that whoever owns Jollibee is in fact Chinese.

After eating, we walked towards the Avenue of Stars. Whenever I travel with family, I am usually the photographer so I’m usually out of family pictures. I do end up having solo shots (albeit while my eyes are closed). Haha!

The three of us always have a photo like this one. Dad hates it whenever we do this (close our eyes for the photo) and we usually do it to annoy him. 😀

Behind us is Hong Kong Museum of Art.

The old Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower.

We decided to take the 5-minute boat ride to get to Victoria Peak. We used our Octopus Cards to pay for the boat ride.

Insane line at the Apple store

After the boat ride, we took the scenic bus ride to Victoria Peak! I was sitting behind a group of Japanese girls (also tourists) dressed in colorful outfits I just love! I badly wanted to take a photo with them but I didn’t want to be that creepy stranger.

I took naps during the bus ride and my brother woke me up when it was time to get off.

The Peak Galleria

Photobombing the parents!

We went up the highest deck and to the viewing area. Based on this view alone, you can imagine how cold it was up there. The Peak is literally the peak of real estates in the country. You’d have to be wealthy to own a house here.

We all make it a habit to photobomb our parents every now and then.

One of the things to do at Victoria Peak is to visit Madame Tussauds! It was just a few floors below the viewing deck.

Lifelong dream – to be a singer! Hahaha!

We have a lot more photos but this is too much already and I don’t want to bore you with more of our faces! The Peak – at night, and before we head back down and take another ferry back.

After going down the peak and crossing by boat again, we saw a colorful and crowded area from afar. We decided to check it out before grabbing a bite to eat. Waaah! It’s a Christmas-themed Disney display! It’s not Disneyland, but having grown up with my 4-CD collection of Disney songs, anything Disney are the best!

We walked back to Nathan Road, and as much as I love the countryside.. there is something magical about being in a city at night.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2013 || Avenue of the Stars + Victoria Peak + Madame Tussaud’s + Harbour City

  1. I did say I was binge reading your blog hahaha. I super missed HK and I hope to visit either this Christmas or New Year with my family. We stayed at a hostel near Holiday Inn before. I absolutely loved Cafe de Coral too! It was just a lucky thing too since we can’t find a place we want to eat and found locals going up this semi-hidden place in City Hall (I think)! The price was affordable and the food was so good. I love how they don’t have a fixed menu. I got a different food to try out every time we go in to eat. 😀


    • Waaaaaaaaah I’m still fixing old posts (and deleting a ton of them lol) and you managed to get to the ones na hindi pa ayos haha. Cafe de Coral is the bomb, and that their menu changes cos I eat something different every time we went there (which was most of the time). I wanna go back to HK too, but there’s so many new places to go to so I’m quite torn hehe


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