Copenhagen Diaries || Returning to Tivoli Gardens

Waking up to this view outside my hotel window has got to be one of those moments I will remember forever. Hello, Winter Wonderland! J and I spent our last Saturday apart. I was thinking if I should take the train to Sweden but I got a little scared to go to another country alone. Boo, self! I went and got myself lost in Strøget instead by going inside alleys, etc.

I found a Lego store! I bought C’s sister a key chain and went on.

I also went and explored the Christmas Market. I stopped in all the stalls that offered free taste and tasted everything I can! Hahaha! I then bought Hungarian sausage in a bun for DKK 35.

Found this quirky store where I would have bought everything I could afford and could fit in my luggage! I am serious in saying that. I was not sure if you could take photos inside this shabby chic shop, but I spent around an hour rummaging through everything!

I went from bookstore to bookstore to find an English Hans Christian Andersen book that was not overpriced! And I found it here for DKK 249 (in some shops I found it for DKK 350).

To reward myself, I ate some more. Haha! I tried the Crepe Bike I have been seeing all over the place. Crepe Bike guy in action! The pancake batter was in a squeeze bottle for convenience, and while the crepe was cooking, Crepe Bike guy was slicing the banana. Banana Nutella Crepe. Om nom nom nom!

Dropped some of my coins over to the street performers. I have passed by them a couple of times already, but this was the only time I actually stopped to enjoy the Christmas songs they were playing.

Saw some pigeons and ran over to them just so they would fly away – just like in the movies! I bet I looked really silly doing so but I simply did not care. It’s not as if it was a scenario I could manipulate as much as I want to. 🙂

Went back to Tivoli that afternoon since Winter Wonderland + Tivoli + Christmas seemed like a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Went back to Svaneke Is to hang out for a while. I am in love with the glass roof. Drank hot choco and ate some of the Boy Bawang I brought with me to DK. 🙂

All those plastics you see are souvenirs! I went a little crazy and bought 4 big jars of jam, two books, ref magnets, stuff from H&M, special candies and chocolates.. I was actually undecided on buying a Pandora bracelet so I did not and now I regret that I did not. 😦 Snow may look nice but it turns into ice after a while. I walked slowly after seeing (and laughing at) a kid who slipped while running on the ice.

Trying to warm my hands with this although all I could think about whenever I see one is barbecue. I tried to get as many photos taken with anything that is covered with snow.

I saw Santa!

I did not have lunch, all because I got full from all the food tasting and from buying snacks throughout the day. J and I met up to have dinner together, again, at a Thai place. 🙂

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