Copenhagen Diaries || Losing my snow-ginity

Here’s another summary of my week, like the other one, this consists of my work days. The photos below are of our usual hotel breakfasts.

Remember how I said in another post that there’s a reason why we love warm food? Take a look at our usual lunch meals at the office. There was a day where the canteen served rice, but it didn’t taste like rice at all.

A photo from when we were working late again. It’s already dark outside.

So we had dinner with (literally) my favorite colleagues in Denmark. We had sausage in a bun with Cocio. Among all the nice people we have encountered, they were the nicest ones! This girl was the one who we had dinner with on our first Monday in Denmark. Matching glasses! 🙂

More Thai food for dinner! J and I made it a habit of exploring narrow streets (with the condition that it must be well lighted and does not look sketchy) to look for food whenever we get out of the office early. We almost always end up at Asian places.

And then there were days we literally end up at an Asian place! We met some guys who are originally from the branch in China and was staying in a nearby apartment. J cooked Adobong Manok while one of the Chinese guys also cooked. Food, champagne, and good company. Going to Denmark had exposed me to a lot of cultures. We had red wine, Chinese wine and tea (in separate glasses of course) when the champagne ran out. Yes, I was the youngest of the group, and everyone I’m within this photo (including the one who took the photos) are all managers. I did not drink that much since I make it a rule (for myself) to never drink more than two glasses of anything that has alcohol in it when I do not know the people I’m drinking with very well.

Friday finally came! Every morning, J and I check the weather conditions (via a weather app on her phone) so we could dress appropriately (I am not going to wear a skirt if it’s going to be windy, or J will wear her rain boots if it’s going to drizzle). However, the unexpected happened when it started raining little bits of ice. See those white stuff on the road? That’s ice!

Initially, we thought it was snow, but then the birthday girl (slash favorite colleague) explained that it was not. It’s just hale. Yes, she bakes too! She brings us snacks, gave me a huge set of cookie cutters, earrings from France for J and wished that we get to see snow for her birthday. Can you be any nicer baji (Translation: elder sister in Pakistan)? 🙂

We left early because we had to go to Strøget (again, I know right?) to buy something. The ice is still there! Put my hood over my head since all the ice falling from the ice has started to get my hair wet and I do not want my health to fail on me. We had Indian cuisine for dinner, before walking back to the bus stop to go home to the hotel. While waiting for the bus, it rained ice real hard! All the people were huddling inside the covered bus stop but we enjoyed every minute of it.

By 9 PM that night, I was safely tucked in bed, watching MTV’s reruns of Awkward in my sweater and tights when J sent me a message in Viber that said: “Look outside your window!!!!!”. When I did, I immediately piled on clothes (over my sweater and tights) and the two of us ran outside. YAY! It does not show in the photos, but it was windy and our faces hurt. The people are all running towards the hotel, and the two of us were running outside. I kept trying to hold on to my hoodie. Remember, I was still recovering from the flu. I look like a kid who just found out Santa is real! And we threw snowballs at each other. Thank you baji for your awesome birthday wish. 🙂 (video is at the end)

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Diaries || Losing my snow-ginity

  1. I hope you enjoyed the snow (or hail)! We get so much of it where I live in America! At first, it’s fun to play in, but then we have to shovel the driveway which is not as fun 😛

    Simply Lovebirds


    • It was so much fun while it was still snow. The next few days, it was just slippery ice and made it harder to walk safely. Haha!


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