Copenhagen Diaries || Tivoli Gardens

After exploring Rosenborg Slot, we looked for a place to eat around Central Station. Fortunately, we found a nice Thai place. Yay rice and warm food! It may seem weird that we are so obsessed with eating warm food but our usual lunch in the office is bread, cold cuts, and salad. The only hot thing you can get for breakfast is tea or coffee.

After lunch, we found our way to Tivoli! I’ll let the photos to do the talking. DISCLAIMER: All the snow in these photos are fake and simply sprayed on the displays.

The Nimb Hotel.

Both of the times we were in Tivoli, we always go here – mainly due to my insistence. This is how I want my future cakery/coffee shop to look like!

I didn’t have any protection over my head (yes, no bonnet whatsoever) which I think is the main reason why it took so long for my flu to go away. I kept trying on bonnets but never really buying anything.

See you next weekend, Tivoli. 🙂

We passed by Copenhagen City Hall on our way back to the bus stop.

We didn’t know what this was for, but there were a lot of people going around and there was even media coverage.

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