Copenhagen Diaries || Copenhagen Zoo

Thanks to our Copenhagen Card, we still get to do some more touristy stuff! And if it isn’t obvious yet, I enjoy doing touristy stuff in colorful touristy clothes. Walking towards the correct bus station is like having a photo walk. Because this place is so damn photogenic. The abundance of the Christmas beer during this season though is unfortunate, but I’ll keep on smiling even if there is vomit in the bus stop.

Off to Copenhagen Zoo, we go! J and I were a big hit with the kids in the zoo. We’re very colorful as well!

I was not able to see any elephants. Where are they anyway?

It was that cold that penguins can stay outside. They were close enough to touch but I didn’t (just so you know). Fun fact: when a penguin finds “The One”, they stick to it and never let them go.

And yes, even the polar bears. No worries, unlike the penguins, they are pretty far from the viewing deck. Fun fact: A polar bear keeps its body in a real high temperature, which is why they can survive living in the cold.

If I could take this giant stuffed toy home, I would have.

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