Copenhagen Diaries || Frederiksborg Castle

For our second weekend in Copenhagen, we opted to buy a 48-hour Open Copenhagen card. This card costs DKK 449 (the 24-hour one is cheaper at DKK 249, but we had two days to spare so might as well buy the 48-hour one), and you can use it in all public transport (buses, trains, etc) and to gain entry to most of the attractions in Copenhagen (and outside, as we went to Hillerød for this castle).

First stop is Frederiksborg Palace (Frederiksborg Slot) in Hillerød. This castle is located in Hillerød. To get here, take the train to Hillerød and then ride a bus. We found out that there’s an alternative way, but more on that later.

My first word when I saw this.. Wow. I sincerely wished my eyes could take photos because I just could not quite capture how I saw it in real life.

What I honestly love about castles, now that I’ve seen one in real life, is the splendor of it. Every room inside the castle must have taken a lot of time to work on because the details are impeccable. Even the ceilings are decorated – in each room! Even the hallway ceilings!

Even the palace chapel is amazing. If I remember correctly, there was a fire and this survived. The chapel is kept as is from the day King Christian IV had it built.

We went outside to view the Frederiksborg Palace Garden. I bet this garden look amazing during Spring and Summer.

Afterward, we were supposed to go back to the train station and visit some more tourist spots. But the bus took too long to come and we were bored so I suggested that we walk. Besides, it was only four bus stops aways! But we got lost in Hillerød. Fortunately, there was a burger joint to answer our grumbling tummies. Fun fact: either I drink San Pellegrino or elderflower. They have generous servings for everything – except fish and chips at Nyhavn. Haha!

We found our way back though! Getting lost was not so bad after all even if it was already dark when we got back and ended up calling it a day. 🙂

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