Singapore 2013 || Birthday Brunch at Casa Verde + Singapore Botanic Gardens + Gardens by the Bay + Bakerzin Birthday Cakes + Birthday Dinner

To be honest, for this year’s birthday, I just wanted something pretty low key. If you’ve followed me that long, you’d know how I always celebrate my birthday at home and tons of birthday meals. Not that I’m complaining, I appreciate how everyone makes time to celebrate my birthday but I just wanted a quiet time for myself. And what better way to feel relaxed than to celebrate my birthday in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The place was so serene.

..that is until we got lost. Damn those arrows pointing us everywhere. Never trust them! It’s a trap!!! The only thing that didn’t suck about walking that far was the scenery.

I did a research on places to eat in Singapore and remembered that Casa Verde serves one of the best brunches in the country. Boy, it was good! My plate kept me full until the afternoon and I swear, we did a lot of walking. Dad had salmon. And of course, C had the chicken burger. What is new with that? 🙂

Happy tummies campers!

So back to my birthday trip – we went to Gardens by the Bay right after Singapore Botanic Gardens. I don’t think I have mentioned that I come from a family of speed walkers. Sure, my mom is slower than a turtle now, what with her cancer infected bones, but we really walk fast. Meanwhile, C walks slow, I had a hard time trying to pull the two guys I’m with. C was whispering the whole time “pamilya talaga kayo ng mabilis maglakad!”. Hahahahaha!

Marina Bay Sands from below.

The last time I was in Singapore (2011), this was still under construction. It was quite gloomy when we were there. Thank God it didn’t rain! It was very windy high up though.

We chanced upon Bakerzin and yay! Cakes!

After eating cake, we walked around some more and did some shopping (which accounts to not many photos). 🙂 Since our whole stay in SG did not comprise eating in any hawker center, I asked dad to bring us to one so C could try it. Yay for birthday dinner! Noodles for long life.

We also went to Mustafa (24-hour shopping mall) to buy chocolates that night, also so I could bring C there – still no photos of that. We had an early flight the next day to Manila, and it felt like five days is not enough to spend with C. 🙂 Until next time, baby.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Operating Hours: 5 AM – 12 MN daily

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