Singapore 2013 || Universal Studios Singapore

Out of the five days, we spent together in Singapore, this was the only day where we actually woke up early! And the way to start the day is by a public display of affection in the subway station. For once, we actually arrived early! We had time to roam around Sentosa after buying our tickets. With our tickets that cost SG$ 74 each. Finally, after a really long queue, we got in! I have been to Singapore before this but never to USS.

Before roaming around the theme park, we had lunch at Mel’s Drive-In. It’s a diner themed restaurant. We had an early lunch which is why it was super easy to get a booth to ourselves. Chicken for C, as usual! And we both had burgers!

Vintage cars on display outside the diner/restaurant. I was taking a photo of this when three men approached me to ask for a photo. Initially, I said yes because I thought they were asking me to take a photo of them. But then they started posing around me and apparently they were asking to have photos taken with me. C was smoking at the time and it was so scary since there were three of them, all at least a foot taller than I am! I apologized for the confusion and started walking towards C. Good thing they stopped following me when they saw C.

T+C trivia: The first movie date we ever had, we watched Madagascar 2.

While we were in the queue, the girl in front of us was using a really cute bag!

Sesame Street!

Lights Camera Action!

Transformers – one of our favorite rides.

Battlestar Galactica ride which we were so excited to try was unavailable that day. Sigh.

The Mummy! I remember how there was a point in time where I wanted (badly) to become an archeologist. Sure, I find history subjects boring, but digging around for artifacts and discovering lost cities (still) seem appealing. Also, Egypt looks like a nice place to explore. Maybe, someday..

Jurassic Park!

This was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed! It was realistic enough to have kids crying and some of the adults jumping in fear when the dinosaur started biting towards their direction!

Far Far Away. Have I ever mentioned how much I loved this movie? I even gave C Shrek-themed cupcakes (not made by me) for his 19th birthday. 🙂

C was disappointed because he rushed to this thinking those were a bunch of free maps in scrolls. Haha!

After our tiring stint at Universal Studios Singapore, we went and roamed around Sentosa. I really wanted C to explore Sentosa because it’s really one of the touristy things one should do in Singapore. If these were real candy, I’d be super happy!

With the biggest Merlion in all of the country! We walked upwards to the cable car station in Sentosa. So tiring!

Finally, aboard the cable car! We later found out it cost less than SG$ 100 to have a romantic dinner aboard the cable car. You’d have to book in advance though. 😦


Operating Hours: 8:45 AM- 10 PM

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Opening Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM daily

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