T+K: Puerto Galera

Due to the lack of Adobe Photoshop and a functioning laptop, I obviously will not be able to accompany my posts with scrapbook-ish photos. *sigh* However, the urge to write something that isn’t work-related is pushing me to end my, year-long blogging hiatus so here I am.

I went to my very first self-sponsored trip! It wasn’eoiut as expensive as the rest of the trips that will follow for that year (thank God, or else I’ll be broke), but the first is always memorable. It all started out one Sunday, I was having dinner with two of my girlfriends when we decided to go on a spontaneous beach trip the following weekend. My mom was pretty adamant about letting me go since three (arguably) young women on a trip to one of the notorious party beaches in the country didn’t seem like the safest thing to do. Even though we were disappointed that Aubrey couldn’t come, Kim and I pushed through with our biglaan plans just like we always do. Come on, what are childhood friends for if not for fun trips together! Saturday came after five days of unproductive planning (because we weren’t sure that we’d go), and Kim was knocking on our door around 5 AM. We slept all throughout the hour-and-a-half shuttle ride to Batangas Pier where we were to board the boat going to Puerto Galera. The pier was overcrowded since we went in the middle of summer (late April). It was freaking hard to hear whether the boat in the dock was the boat we were supposed to be in. It honestly felt like we were sardines in a tight can. We got delayed by nearly two hours and was stuck in the pier. Our 10 AM departure turned to 11:30 AM. We had no place to stay (we didn’t have bookings prior to our arrival) and we hadn’t had any bite to eat the whole day. The boat we were in had three stops, one in White Beach – the more crowded beach, lined with resorts and bars to party in. We opted to get off at Tamaraw Beach – the beach in between White Beach and Talipanan Beach. Being in the middle means there’s fewer people but not as secluded as Talipanan Beach.

We immediately went to Tamaraw Beach Resort for our accommodation. We weren’t picky since we only needed a place to sleep and store our bags. Luckily, we got the last room left. We booked it and the couple behind us had to find somewhere else to stay in. We freshened up before going out to get some lunch. My tummy was so not happy at that point.

We asked the receptionist on how to get to the famed Italian restaurant in Talipanan beach, Luca Cucina Italiana. We were told that we could either take a tricycle (and it will cost us Php 100) or walk by the beach and just follow the shoreline. Apparently, it will only take us about 15-30 minutes to get there. So we decided to walk. We found a mini lagoon and took tons of photos. We have been walking for nearly 20 minutes now and still no sign of Luca. Hmmm… We even got to a part where we needed to swim or climb rocks that looked slippery.. so we climbed this steep little village and crossed there.

After more than an hour, imagine the joy I felt when we finally saw it! We had two glasses of thirst quenchers each!!! And some food! It did taste great – everything is going to taste great to a hungry tummy.

Now for the walk back, we decided to go via the “road”. After 30 minutes of walking… What have we subjected ourselves to?

We fell asleep when we got back to the resort. All that food and all that walking will definitely tire anyone out. We woke up just before sunset and decide to cross the beach once more to go to where the party is. White Beach, it is! It was awfully hard to look for a spot on the beach.

Bumped into people we went to high school with

In between day and night, there is a fleeting moment where everything seems to be at a standstill. All that matters is the battle between pink and purple clouds and its’ reflection in the sea.

Once the sun has set, it’s time to PARTY! There was some kick ass fire dancing. I’m not going into detail about what happened that night but someone got drunk and it wasn’t me. Hahaha!

Kim and I went swimming when we got back in the resort and before having breakfast. We decided to relax on the beach the rest of the day before we hop back on board the boat to go home.

One of the staff knew how we could go parasailing without going to White Beach. He called his contact and got us our own speed boat. It was such a fun experience although I did break my camera when I forgot to put my hand away from the water when they dipped us into the sea.

Next up was kayak-ing! The resort staff was kind enough to take photos of us while we were doing so. And also while we were getting off the kayak. This guy will do well in the paparazzi field.

Overall a very fun trip! We checked out and waited for the boat on the beach. Going on a trip doesn’t have to be super expensive, given the right company, everything will be such a blast! Another T&K memory to cherish. 🙂

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