Ube Macapuno

Before anything else, I have to say that Booksale seriously needs to have some kind of loyalty card or something. Whenever my sister and I enter Booksale, we lose track of time and encounter a number of difficult decisions to make (which book to buy?) before we even reach the counter. I mostly go home with novels/logic puzzles/back issues of travel magazines.

Sassy Saturdays 2

And this is what I wore to today’s trip to Booksale watch a movie. Usually, I’m a conservative dresser (unless I’m going to the beach and the like) but living in a tropical country limits my cardigan usage. Anyway, don’t you just love white on white (in my case, white and purple slash ube macapuno haha)? I can’t even care enough to worry that white makes me look fatter than I really am. Honestly, though, I still wear shorts/skirts/dresses even if my thighs and calves are huge. I tell myself “nakikitingin lang sila sa legs mo, girl!”. Haha!

  • Top belongs to my mom. It’s really loose and I love borrowing this from her because I can’t help but adore the floral texture. 🙂
  • Shorts I have owned since sixth grade. Now that alone is enough proof that I was a big kid. I do remember that we bought it from SM Department Store.
  • Purple belt from Divi.
  • Thrifted purple long sleeves when I was thinner, but now I only use it as a cover up. The buttons are unique, yes? :p
  • Rubber slippers (also from SM Department Store) which I got for Php 65 with a regular price tag of Php 130. Cheap item + 50% off = SCORE! I bought my sister the same pair in a different color. My sister and I enjoy dressing up in matching outfits. And aside from it being super affordable, it’s so cute! Shoes may have been a better choice but I’m only going out to watch a movie (didn’t even put makeup on). Keri lang!

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