Sassy Saturdays

It’s funny how random ideas form. It started with a “wow, I love how my hair looks today” and I wanted to take a photo. I was too pale in the picture, so I went for something dainty to match the hairstyle and landed with MAC Please Me. Since I’m getting treatments for my face and I was told to avoid putting makeup on as much as I can, I simply curled my lashes and used mascara. Hence, the visible zit.

I looked through my closet for something to wear (you know, just because) and found this dress I’ve had for a while but haven’t had any chance to wear. This thrift shop find is Php 20!!! No damages at all. I love you ukay! Then wore shoes from Parisian Shoes and Bags (which I got for half the price!) and a necklace from Divisoria. 🙂

If you ask my brother what he thinks of my style, he’d tell you I have a plethora of clothes that resemble floral tablecloths and most of my outfits give off manang vibes (“If I could afford to fill my wardrobe with knee length skirts, lace, chiffon, florals, midi dresses, summer dresses, cardigans in all shades available, and all things dainty, I would. My style is a mix of Blair Waldorf, Jess of New Girl, Once Upon a Time’s Mary Margaret/Snow White and Taylor Swift.”) Haha! And true to that, the moment he saw me, he exclaimed how I look like our maternal grandmother. Although my brother was just teasing, I take any comments about looking like my lola (even though we never got to meet her) a compliment. Her glamour shots, taken before Adobe Photoshop even existed, reek of Old Hollywood glam I could never only hope to achieve.

Moving on to news about the future of my blog.. I introduce Sassy Saturdays!

Random, isn’t it? That’s how the idea came to me. It’s not very original, a lot of people do the “dress up one day a week” thing and I’m no fashion blogger. But I’m tired of wearing the exact outfits (I’m an outfit repeater, no judging!) and have been lacking blogging ideas. I need the motivation to mix and match items from my wardrobe and what better way to spice it up than to document it on my blog. Don’t worry guys, this won’t be a fashion blog. It’s only going to be once a week. :p

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