T&C Sundays

Even though weekends and holidays grant me license to sleep all day, I never stay in bed past 7 AM. Normally, my body clock starts ringing before six in the morning, past it when I’m tired, but never beyond seven o’clock. Essentially, it’s a good thing, but I hate it especially since no matter how late I stay up, I can’t manage to stay asleep once the sun comes out (my mother often asks “natutulog ka ba?”).

It’s an entirely different matter with C. He could sleep all day and pretty difficult to rouse. Hence, I really appreciate our Sundays together. T&C Sundays starts the earliest he could make it which is normal between 7 AM to 10 AM, depending on the time he wakes up. Most of our Sundates are relaxed ones with no schedules to follow.

We’ll attend the 8:30 AM mass in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Tagaytay (or any other church) and light candles after the service. I will force him to walk to Magallanes Square (Starbucks Coffee/Figaro/Leslie’s/Teriyaki Boy/Yellow Cab/Cliff House/etc area), and C will complain about having to walk when we could ride a jeepney while we’re doing so (“lagi na lang akong pinaglalakad, buti na lang hindi mainit!”). We’d catch up on the small details we forgot to tell each other during the week (“alam mo ba, si..”). Our footsteps barely make a sound on the uneven pavement as he frees his arm (which I’m rubbing with both of my hands because I still feel cold even with a cardigan on) to wrap it around me (“ang bilis mo ginawin, lika nga dito”). When we reach the part where the pavements are gone, we do a little dance and giggle as we do so, while crossing the street as there are no cars in sight (“bilis, bilis, ikot!”). We’d look at the same view before deciding on where to have brunch (“Pancake House na lang ulit, gusto ko i-try yung pancakes nila”). We end up staying in our booth/table far too long and have the funniest conversations that I tend to wish someone was there to record every minute of it (“C, let’s try *insert expensive restaurant here*. Pagiipunan ko and treat kita!”, “babe, hindi naman kailangan ng expensive things..”, *after five minutes* “punta tayo sa Boracay, tapos sa Discovery Shores tayo kasi dun kami nagsstay.. Sige, sasama ako kapag gusto mo pumunta ng *insert country here* pero first class tickets ang bilihin natin ha?”). Either a movie or dessert follows brunch before we head home.

Although we spent almost the entire day together, it still feels like the time we had was not enough. I want more of it. (Re-reading the last two lines I wrote, I realized how cheesy this post is becoming. Haha!)

I look forward to more Sundays with you. 🙂

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